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Provide a Thanksgiving Snack Bag for the Homeless

Donate Nonperishable Thanksgiving themed snack bags to those transitioning out of homelessness. Make Thanksgiving special with LA Family Housing. Drop off by Tuesday, November 16th. To coordinate drop off please contact or call 818.220.6936.

Gift Toys and Essentials to Patients at Harbor UCLA Pediatrics for the Holidays

The Department of Pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center cares for underserved families. Many of which suffer economic hardships and even more so during the pandemic. Therefore, every year they provide their outpatient clinic with toys and essentials (socks, clothes, blankets, etc.) to give to families during the holidays. They appreciate any amount you can donate. Please visit:

Assemble Thanksgiving baskets this holiday with PATH

Help PATH this year by donating and creating Thanksgiving Baskets! Their goal is to assemble and distribute over 800 Thanksgiving meal kits to those in need. Help them make sure that everyone in our community – housed and unhoused – can enjoy a special Thanksgiving meal! Thanksgiving meal kits can be assembled at home in reusable grocery bags, boxes, tote bags or baskets. They encourage you to also include a handwritten note of support and holiday cheer. Check out their online wish list ( for more ideas of what to include: Boxed stuffing mix, Cranberry sauce, Pie crust mix or dessert mix, Canned vegetables, Mashed potato mix or boxed mac & cheese, $20 grocery store gift card for a turkey. Due to health and safety reasons, all donated food items must be NEW and UNOPENED. Please reach out at to learn more about in person opportunities to assemble and distribute Thanksgiving baskets this holiday! Sign up here:

Donate Items to Union Station Homeless Services’ Dinner in the Park

Every year, Union Station Homeless Services holds their Thanksgiving event, Dinner in the Park. This year the event will be spread amongst 3 days, where they provide pre-cooked Thanksgiving meals and ingredient boxes to prepare your own meal at home. With such a large scale event they could really use volunteer support! They could use assistance collecting much needed food items. Feel free to check out their wishlist or visit their Amazon Wishlist to have items delivered directly to their office. All donations can be dropped off to their Admin Office (825 E. Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena) Monday through Friday between 9:00am - 4:00pm. This event could not be held without the support of volunteers and community members like yourself. Thank you so much! Please visit:

Make an Impact and Donate to Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE)

Donate to CORE and help communities in crisis around the globe. For more information, please go to:

Help Eliminate Food Waste with Food Oasis

Food Oasis has done so much already as a 100% volunteer-run organization—but they need your help to finish what they have set out to do. The admin, development, and marketing costs to expand their directory are extensive. Food Oasis has a directory of over 1,300 organizations to update. Your tax-deductible donation would help us offset some of those costs! For more information, please go to
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Donate to Fight the War on Gunger with Heart of Compassion Distribution

The mission of Heart of Compassion is to fight hunger by meeting the immediate food insecurity needs of communities through working with local officials and residents to develop a sustainable program leading to self-reliance and independence. You can help through financial or in-kind donations. For more information, please go to:

Give to Feed Those Who Would Otherwise Go Hungry with Hollywood Food Coalition

Hollywood Food Coalition has provided hunger relief to unhoused and food-insecure neighbors through hot, healthy meals served every single night of the year, without fail, since 1987. Since then, they have grown into a thriving meal service and food rescue operation providing meals and other basic necessities to food-insecure Angelenos, according to HoFoCo’s ethos of Responsiveness, Consistency, Choice and Community. If you would like to help financially, please check out this link:

Become a Volunteer Mentor for Imagine LA

Once you raise your hand to volunteer, Imagine LA walks together with you through your application, interview, training, and screening. Imagine LA prepares all of their volunteer mentors to be the unconditional supporters that their families need. Finally, you meet your mentee and begin a meaningful, lasting relationship. Must be 21 or older.

Create Care Pacakges for Imagine LA

Bring some joy & relief to families by assembling a care package or purchasing supplies in bulk, and coordinating delivery with Imagine LA staff. This is a great family activity to teach generosity and philanthropy with children. For more information regarding items needed and drop off instructions, please go to:
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Purchase Needed Supplies for Imagine LA

Every day, families across Los Angeles embody resilience and tenacity as they navigate their way out of poverty. Imagine LA provides the relationships and resources to help the entire family thrive for the long-term. You can help by purchasing supplies that these families need! If you are interested in donating, please check out the Amazon wish list here:
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Donate to the the Immune Deficiency Foundation

The Immune Deficiency Foundation improves the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people affected by primary immunodeficiency through fostering a community empowered by advocacy, education, and research. For more information regarding donations, please go to:
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Maintain a Community Fridge with LA Community Fridges

The LA Community Fridges provide a variety of foods for EVERYONE! It is entirely community run and helps people from all walks of life access nutritionally complete food. Sign up for a cleaning shift at your local fridge! Feel free to sign up for one or many. Sign up here.
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Donate Much Needed Foods to LA Community Fridges

The LA Community Fridges provide a variety of foods for EVERYONE! It is entirely community run and helps people from all walks of life access nutritionally complete food. Donate fresh produce (either purchased, or grown in yards & gardens). When donating produce, please clean or wash the produce with running water (& a produce-friendly wash if you have one) before donating when possible. Although it is best practice to wash any produce you might eat yourself, it cannot be assumed that all community members have easy access to kitchens and running water, and we want to do the best we can to minimize risk of passing on infections. Bottled water, Canned goods, Non perishable items (dry pasta, rice, etc.) Drinks (Gatorade, Juices, etc.) Please no alcoholic drinks (beer, liquor), we are not able to enforce the legal drinking age at fridges. Other items welcomed are: Milk (Dairy & Non-Dairy), Frozen Meats, Eggs, Bread, and more! Visit your community fridge and donate today!
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Join the Big Give at the Karsh Family Social Service Center

The Karsh Family Social Service Center offers an array of cross-sector, integrated, and co-located social services. The Big Give, started 15 years ago by Wilshire Boulevard Temple and for the past seven years hosted by the Karsh Family Social Service Center, is a cornerstone neighborhood event that provides Thanksgiving-meals-in-a-bag for families in Koreatown experiencing food insecurity. Each bag includes all of the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal for a family of four -- from the turkey to the pumpkin pie and everything in between. During a time of such turmoil and widespread food insecurity, they know that the comfort of consistency and tradition is invaluable to our local community, and they need your support to meet their goal of making and distributing 1,000 Thanksgiving Meal Bags. Providing these Thanksgiving-meals-in-a-bag for the community involves significant costs, including sourcing holiday food items during a time of peak demand. Your donations will help them safely provide quality groceries. Please visit our website to learn more at and for all donations please go to: Please email if you have any questions.

Assemble Welcome Home Kits for PATH’s Newly Housed Clients

Every week, PATH moves dozens of previously homeless families off the streets and into homes. Help their new residents feel safe and comfortable in their new home by providing a "Welcome Home Kit" filled with basic home goods, kitchen items, and cleaning supplies. Welcome Home Kits are critical, especially amidst all the uncertainty of the pandemic. These kits not only meet the families’ essential needs, but they can help start their journey of having a new place to call home! Please check out their Welcome Home Wishlist to help support! Urgent Needs:Bedding, Home goods (laundry hamper, bath mat, shower caddy), Kitchen items (pots & pans, dishes, utensils), Hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste), Cleaning supplies, School Supplies, Target gift cards. *For health and safety reasons, all Welcome Home items must be new & unopened* For more info:
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Donate Non-Perishables to PATH

Neighbors living in supportive housing are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. PATH is in need of non-perishable food donations, so that they may remain safe and healthy in their homes. When you are next out grocery shopping, please consider filling your basket with a few extra food items and/or cleaning supplies to help the most vulnerable neighbors stay healthy. Food support bags can be assembled in cardboard boxes or reusable grocery bags. These kits will be distributed directly to those most in need. Urgent Needs: Cereal, Rice or pasta, Canned goods, Non-perishable snacks,Cleaning supplies. For more info:
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Donate Hygiene Items to PATH

As you shop for personal hygiene items, pick up a few extra supplies to help individuals currently experiencing homelessness. Urgent Needs: Hand sanitizer, Soap & shampoo, Cleansing wipes, Socks & cold weather clothing*, Blankets*, Non-perishable snacks & bottled water. *For health and safety reasons, all Care Kit items must be new & unopened. For more info:
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Pack a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan’s Purse

Every year Samaritan's Purse helps delivers great joy to children in need around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes. Each box packed full of quality toys, school supplies, and personal care items. You can either click here to learn how to pack your own shoebox or build one online through a donation.
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Donate to AHEAD With Horses

AHEAD With Horses is devoted to improving the quality of life of disabled, disadvantaged, and special needs children through equine therapy using vaulting also known as gymnastics on a horse. Whether it’s seeing a smile from an otherwise “non-responsive” child, or watching someone taking their first steps, the hundreds of children we serve each year regularly hit major physical, mental, and emotional milestones—gifts that last a lifetime. There are several ways you can support AHEAD With Horses! All donations are tax deductible and they appreciate anything you are willing to give! Please visit:
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