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Donate to AHEAD With Horses

AHEAD With Horses is devoted to improving the quality of life of disabled, disadvantaged, and special needs children through equine therapy using vaulting also known as gymnastics on a horse. Whether it’s seeing a smile from an otherwise “non-responsive” child, or watching someone taking their first steps, the hundreds of children they serve each year regularly hit major physical, mental, and emotional milestones—gifts that last a lifetime. There are several ways you can support AHEAD With Horses! All donations are tax deductible and they appreciate anything you are willing to give! Please visit:

Start Your Own Red Cross Club with American Red Cross

If you are a youth in elementary, middle, or high school, you are in the right place! American Red Cross has tons of resources for you to start and maintain your Red Cross Club, as well as show you all the opportunities that the Red Cross has to offer youth! Any questions you may have can be directed at Visit:
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Volunteer Behind the Scenes with Long Beach Community Table

Do you prefer volunteering behind the scenes to support nonprofit operations or community outreach? Please email Long Beach Community Table with your area of expertise, whether it is back office support such as filing, bookkeeping, organizing or cleaning, or communication-related activities, like social media, email campaigns, volunteer management, video production, or event tabling. Email your abilities to: Visit:

Donate to Support Long Beach Community Table

Long Beach Community Table (LBCT) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, cooperative (meaning that all volunteers and recipients share in the effort and the benefits), that nourish those who are struggling and provides resources that allow all to mutually sustain each other, families, and neighbors. In the spirit of community, many of their volunteers are also recipients, and vice versa…this is what makes them a true mutual aid organization and not a charity. They foster sustainable community to support the well-being, empowerment, and self-determination of food- and housing-insecure residents in the greater Long Beach area with dignity and compassion. To support their mission, please consider donating! Visit:
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Donate In-Kind Items to Long Beach Community Table

Long Beach Community Table is always looking for food donations. Besides food, their most-needed items include Hygiene Items and Garden Supplies. Please consider donating the items to support Long Beach Community Table. You can find more information on what items they need in their website and the drop off times. Dry goods, hygiene products, and gently used clothing donations are also accepted any time of day without an appointment at: 3166 Ostrom Ave., Long Beach, CA 90808. Visit:
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Join Virtual Workshop about Communicating Effectively with your School and donate with ESGV SELPA Community Advisory Committee

Attend Parent Trainings for families of students with disabilities. They provide workshops and trainings to families. They are in need of craft donations that are provided to Teachers and Families. These usually include and are not limited to educational items, cups, puzzles, board games, candles, books, stickers, arts, and crafts, etc. They will have additional workshops and trainings in the upcoming year. To register click link: