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Become a Blood Donor Ambassador with the American Red Cross of Los Angeles

You play a crucial role in the Red Cross mission. With your help, the Red Cross can succeed in providing lifesaving blood to cancer and transplant patients, premature babies, accident victims and others who need blood. The Role of Blood Donor Ambassador is to provide excellent and enthusiastic customer service and enhance the donor experience. Each blood donor deserves to be treated as an honored guest! Engage with donors to make the donation experience fulfilling and set the stage for a long-term commitment to regular blood donations. Must be at least 18 years old and commit to at least one, 6-hour shift per month. 1 hour training prior to first shift.
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Provide Fundraising Skills and Financial Support to Long Beach Community Table

If you are experienced in fundraising, grant-writing, sponsor development, in-kind-donation acquisition, event planning, or developing nonprofit donor appeals, Long Beach Community Center can use your assistance! They are seeking expert team leaders to take over each of these areas, as well as enthusiastic, committed, detail-oriented volunteers with great writing skills and follow-through abilities. Email area(s) of interest
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Provide Admin Suppor for Long Beach Community Table

Do you prefer volunteering behind the scenes to support nonprofit operations or community outreach? Please email Long Beach Community Table with your area of expertise, whether it is back office support such as filing, bookkeeping, organizing or cleaning, or communication-related activities, like social media, email campaigns, volunteer management, video production, or event tabling.Email your abilities to:
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Share your Photography Skills with Acts of Compassion

Photographer, needed for their Thanksgiving Brunch for the homeless population in underserved communities. They are looking for photographer's to take pictures of their event. CDC, social distancing guidelines will be in-forced, thank you in advance

Share your Baking Skills with Acts of Compassion

Bakers needed for their Thanksgiving Brunch, for the homeless community. They are looking for Volunteers to bake a cake or two or Cupcakes for their event. This would mean so much to their homeless Community. So if you think this maybe something you might be interested in, they would love to have you. CDC social distancing guidelines will be in forced.

Help Acts of Compassion with their Kid’s Annual Christmas Party

Times are hard right now during the Covid 19 pandemic, but Acts of Compassion would like to give their families hope. They would like to take the stress of buying toys for Christmas away from the parents, during this difficult time. Christmas is approaching fast and they need your help, to make sure their underpreveleged youth in unserved communities have a memorable holiday season. Volunteers are needed to check clients in at the reception area, sort and pass out toys to the families. For more information contact Rachel Mitchell at (323) 683-8111 or Please check out their website, https:

Share Your Event Planning Skills with Acts of Compassion

Event Planner needed for their Annual Christmas party for underpreveleged youth in under served communities. The party will be held on December 19, 2020 at 11am. They normally have around (250) kids that attend. Event planner will coordinate this event by making sure all setup is complete and assigning Volunteer duties, such as: Carnival Tables, Jumpers, set up tables and decorations, reception area( checking families) Toy area.