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Donate to Support Crete Academy’s Students!

Crete Academy delivers an educational program to students TK-6th grade who are homeless and living in poverty, that will meet their physical, mental and emotional needs while developing strong character and critical thinking skills so that each child is prepared for college and beyond. Consider donating today! Visit:
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Volunteer and Donate at Crete Academy

Beginning 11/1-11/30, Crete Academy's Adopt A Child donor/sponsor page is opened. They are looking for organizations or individuals who would like to Adopt A Child for Christmas from Crete Academy. The link is used to register to be a donor/sponsor and the specific child information will be sent once the form is received. Visit:

Donate to AHEAD With Horses Inc.

In December 2017 AHEAD With Horses purchased property to develop into their permanent location for their nonprofit developmental therapeutic vaulting program for children with disabilities. Here they are 6 years later, due to general delays and then the worldwide pandemic, still waiting to complete development and move to their forever home. Recent progress has them nearing plan approval, but to keep the momentum going they desperately need funds to complete the development and move operations. Won't you join them in bringing their dream to fruition and make a donation today? AHEAD With Horses is celebrating 55 years of serving the Los Angeles community and needs your help to keep serving for another 55 years or more. Donations can be made online at their website: or through our Forever Home Campaign here: Thank you for any donation you are able to give! Every dollar helps them!
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Join Virtual Workshop about Communicating Effectively with your School and donate with ESGV SELPA Community Advisory Committee

Attend Parent Trainings for families of students with disabilities. They provide workshops and trainings to families. They are in need of craft donations that are provided to Teachers and Families. These usually include and are not limited to educational items, cups, puzzles, board games, candles, books, stickers, arts, and crafts, etc. They will have additional workshops and trainings in the upcoming year. To register click link: