Donate Wishlist Items to Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)

| Christmas, Other Ways to Help | November 15, 2018

Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) is in need of wishlist items for their clients. They accept all kind of toys as long as they refrain from any toys that resemble any type of weapons or promote violence, i.e. toy guns, etc. They have students in 1st – 12th grade. They will happily be able to pick up gift donations at your convenience as well. There are a few ways to donate: The first way is to check HOLA’s Amazon Wishlist. This list can serve as a staff suggestion of what to buy and donate, or you can also purchase gifts right off the Wishlist and have it sent straight to HOLA’s headquarters. Some Highly Requested Items from students: Slime, Play-Doh, Backpacks, American Doll, Board Games, Any type of Lego set, Books, Soccer Balls, Coloring set or painting, Instant Polaroid Cameras or the film set. (popular with middle schoolers and high school), Yogurt-Land gift cards (popular with middle schoolers and high school), hydro flask water Bottles, Nike socks for men or women (popular with middle schoolers and high school). If you don’t want to give a traditional gift, HOLA is very much in need of general school supplies, art supplies, or athletics supplies i.e. basketballs, soccer balls, Gatorade, hydro flask water bottles for students, etc. Please contact Monica Aguilera at if you have any questions.


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